Builders and other resources


There are many tiny house builders but only a few that I trust to build high-quality, person-centered homes.  Here are several I recommend:

  • The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company now builds fully finished RVIA-certified tiny houses as well as “Barn Raisers” which are fully framed & sheathed so you can finish out the rest to your liking.  Tumbleweed’s building is done in Colorado Springs, CO & there is a showroom so you can view the models!  I work for Tumbleweed & fully believe in our products.  Really.
  • Derrin Williams of ShelterWise in Portland, OR is a mover and shaker in the tiny house world.  His houses are solidly built & very energy efficient, not to mention beautiful!
  • Abel Zimmerman is another tiny house builder & designer here in Olympia, WA.  You may have heard of his company Zyl Vardos.  His houses are gypsy-wagon inspired and very unique!

Books & DVDs

  • Go House Go! is a great little book, written by Dee Williams.  She delves into the design & build process, tiny house systems and how to build a house specific to your needs and lifestyle.
  • The Big Tiny covers Dee’s life before, during & after designing & building her own tiny abode & the difficult decisions she faced along the way.  Buy it here.
  • Cracking the Code: A Guide to Building Codes & Zoning for Tiny Houses, by Ryan Mitchell is an invaluable resource to learning what to look for & good questions to ask when researching legalities of tiny house living in your area.
  • The Tiny House Construction DVD, by Tumbleweed, is an awesome step-by-step instructional on many of the unique details of building a tiny house.  It’s split up into sections so you can watch different sections as you’re building!  (See graphic below)


  • Tumbleweed Tiny House Company:  I used the Cypress 18′ plans when building my tiny house & highly recommend their exhaustive plans.
  • Portland Alternative Dwellings: Co-owned by Dee Williams, from Olympia, WA and Joan Grimm, from Portland, OR.  PAD specializes in giving DIY tiny housers the skills and knowledge they need to build the house of their dreams.  PAD offers simple, inexpensive plans, in-depth workshops, and consulting.


  • Tiny House Giant Journey – Jenna & Guillaume built their own tiny house and spent the past year touring around the country promoting tiny house living.  Almost 20,000 miles later, they have quite a few stories to share.
  • Tiny House Blog – Kent Griswold is the master!  He’s got oodles of info and creativity packed into his sweet blog.
  • Tiny SIP House – Art Cormier is a fellow Tumbleweed Workshop presenter & his blog is a wealth of info on his unique tiny house components (including the Nature’s Head toilet!).
  • The Tiny Tack House – Chris & Malissa keep a fun & informative full of their experiences in their tiny home and complete with Chris’ great photography!
  • Lina’s Blog, This is the Little Life began when she lived in the Bungalow while in grad school in Portland.  Now she’s on her way to building her own!

What to do about the poo???

  • Watching the Pee and Poo Show is perhaps the best way to spend 30-minutes while planning a tiny toilet system.  It shows how to effectively compost you poo and turn your urine into fertilizer with the use of a urine-diverting toilet insert.  It’s not as gross as you’d think!
  • Of course, the old standby The Humanure Handbook is a good overview of the biologics of human waste and how we can live with them and benefit from their nutrients.

Full disclosure, here.  Some of these are affiliate links.  That means that there’s a special code written into the link that compensates me a small percentage of the sale when you click through this link (whether you buy the item I recommend, or those $500 Gucci sunglasses you’ve been pining over), at no extra cost to you.  This extra cash goes straight into my Tiny House Round Two fund, so thanks for browsing!